“A Drink for every Occasion.”

Monate Sitruskelder



The MONATE SITRUSKELDER is nestled against the Magaliesberg (mountain), surrounded by indigenous trees and overlooking the fertile valley with its citrus orchards.

Citrus produced in the Magaliesberg valley is known for its balance of tangy citric acid and delectable fruity sweetness. Therefore the citrus beverages, produced at  MONATE SITRUSKELDER has a prominent unique citrus flavor.  The citrus drinks are full and round, smooth on the palate with a delightful and intriguing bouquet.



Thirteen Unique Citrus Beverages:  Orange, Minneola & Naartjie.

Twelve Superb Citrus & Tropical Liqueurs.

“Adoons”: 26 different flavors of our soft Mampoer.

“Adoonsie”: Our own Spirit Cooler. Five flavors made from pure fruit juice with 5% kick: available in Orange, Granadilla, Mango Litchi and Maroela.

Phone: 012 258 3002

Fax: 086 551 0150

E-mail: monatesitruskelder@gmail.com